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La Dukezong Moncler Down Coat ancient fire is Down Coat Moncler extinguished exclude Moncler Down Jackets possible arson

At 1:37 on January 11, Shangri-La County, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Dukezong ancient fire, the fire Moncler Down has been fully extinguished. By the evening of 11 10:00, preliminary statistics, the fire caused a total of 335 people affected ancient city, which burned 242 houses, also caused part of the ancient relics, works of art and other cultural Thangka burned, suffered heavy losses after a preliminary investigation, fire, fire point located Old Town Inn in wishful lower segment, the current may initially ruled out arson, the specific cause of the fire is under investigation. Up to now, Dukezong ancient fire caused no casualties. At present, a total of more than 2,600 affected people relocated people, the fire investigation team is on the case-by-agency disaster inventory verification statistics the door after the fire broke out, the Yunnan Provincial Party Secretary Qin Guangrong, governor Li Jiheng other leaders to work quickly to instructions, Li Jiheng rate job group rushed to the scene to guide disaster relief work. Diqing Committee, the state government set up an emergency rescue team leader and field command to organize all forces to carry out relief work in putting out the fire, set up nearly 2,000 people to the Fire Brigades. In order to control the spread of fire, rescue group calling more than 10 sets of large-scale projects, such as Moncler Down Jacket Sale digging machine equipment, dispatched 39 fire engines, digging fire nearly more than 2000 m buffer zone on both sides of the road were demolished house at 18:00 on the 11th, the Yunnan provincial finances Hall fire emergency grant funds allocated 5 million yuan, will be used for the ancient city of Shangri-La County Dukezong disaster emergency rescue, disaster victims living placement, post-disaster restoration and reconstruction work My whole Arnold restaurant burned down, love horses River Bar demolished corner, but fortunately the hotel Paul down. in the ancient city of doing business Dukezong Zaba song Dan told reporters reporters at the ancient city Dukezong see the Red Army memorial, prayer wheel, Kameyama Park did not suffer fire, forest police and fire officers and soldiers still stationed at the site to prevent the resurgence of 11 evening 11 o'clock, the reporter came to the end of the road march Dukezong ancient entrance to the ancient city of darkness, the entrance has been closed on duty staff. Results from the ancient entrance to the ground ice, reporters wearing a down jacket, still feeling chilly air has a deep sense of burning smell. Surrounding buildings have not power, water supply, operating normally, a taxi is also normal operations. According to police personnel on duty, residents within the city have all been evacuated, placed in three hotels within the county. Reporters rushed to the nearby ancient city of international hotel, hotel lobby was quiet, the staff, many people have a rest, there are some relatives and friends who live out of the room because Zaba song Dan buildings demolished Fire Barrier was demolished, he This expressed his understanding, he told reporters that he began to think that is impossible to control the fire, the fire brigade has been able to achieve this level is not easy. There are people on the winter fire pipeline can not pass water said they did not understand, they think this is firewood for heating in winter season, the possibility of a large fire, the government should Moncler Down Jacket develop plans in advance. It is reported that the fire Dukezong ancient infrastructure is weak, the addition of wood Tibetan architecture, a building will use wood 200-400 cubic meters, resulting in fire fighting difficult.

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Lu Lu's mother so Moncler Down Coat much

Lu Lu and her mother the most beautiful Chinese actress Moncler Down Jacket Sale

Born in Harbin, Zhang Weixin was fond of dancing, in 1970 only 14 years old admitted to railway corps Backstage Zhang Weixin to do so, to become a professional dancer, in 1979 by virtue of a solid superb professional skills, Zhang Weixin admitted to the Central Song and Dance Ensemble, Zhang Weixin involved in the feature film soon, Lijiang Moncler Down Jacket Spring of the shooting, which was her first shock and two years later, Zhang Weixin in the movie flying crane for the first time as the female lead Zhang Weixin: At that time the two roles, one is Fang Qingzhuo, two people in the competition this role, Fang Qingzhuo then I, at that time Chen Lin (Director) still feel Fang Qingzhuo more appropriate, because Fang Qingzhuo she can act, originally actor, and then said to cry to cry out, joking on (laugh), played very natural place Moderator: So finally how they choose you out?

Zhang Weixin: thuringiensis that time is long shadow factory director, he said I think it is Zhang Weixin (fit), he said she had a look over there a station knew she was dancing, dancing actors, so Moncler Down Fang Qingzhuo her play good, but she does not look like a dancer, said the sentence this way, then, when Chen Lin said it right, on the set, I Zhang Weixin in the flying crane in the show has been widely affirmed, this time in the Pearl River Film studio Toupai accent is also aimed at the female candidates Zhang Weixin Moderator: big controversy seems that time, when people say you look so beautiful Zhang looks good one rural women can play it?

Zhang Weixin: At that time (shooting), accent when he was at that time the director CANONICAL garnet to our house, and I also just finished a film back, at that time played an overseas Chinese, at that time the eighties how to wear two big earrings, That way, shook the hair is curly, I came back and from the south, wearing a fur clothes, then came back wearing a dress, I just got home inside that there is a director to look at me , said there is a role, then CANONICAL garnet saw me he felt finished, how can such a foreign man play Tao Chun it, then you change the topic, you say we take a look at, we look at you, he do not want to say that my heart is no wonder, then with CANONICAL Liu said the director, he said, we had a thought, forget it (we) will see you even if it went away after reading the script Lu Lu and mother, Zhang Weixin suddenly in love with the heroine, Tao Chun The characters, hearts germination of a strong creative impulse, director Zhang Weixin, Hu's departure was not aware of because of their inherent qualities are not suitable for the role, but because of their outer In the image out of the question, so she wanted some of the ways to make them look as if a changed man Zhang Weixin: I said I must go, I want to change my image, I did not make him feel Zhang Weixin, then I on the next day with a lot of thought put my hair permed hair because at that time, that time is not particularly good, with the wax on it straight up and Down Coat Moncler then the whole fight so tied back, wearing a Down, the kind of yellow, the kind of jacket I think this child is very simple, look I can see myself changing, earrings are removed, I said I went there, I went to let them re- look at me, I just want to re-look at me on the line, and then went to the hard work pays off, after some effort, Zhang Weixin finally get a job then try opera audition when he Moncler Down Jackets(the director) to see a into the studio, he saw and he did not say anything, he said, would try one is the Tao Chun, to act as a matchmaker that period, then Mo Kanwan him, and he went away, he said I'm going to change the script a.

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Luzhou 2-year-old girl miraculously survived falling thick 8th floor to save her life jacket Moncler Down Jacket Sale

Day before 5 pm, Allison from the 8th floor balcony fell down, and so Mom and Dad recovered, Allison has been lying in the mud on the ground floor. Fortunately, though from above the 8th floor Moncler Down Coat fell down, but the hospital examination by experts, Allison without any trauma, while also did not find any internal bleeding. An interview with reporters, Lu Fuyuan child surgeon also amazed: falling from the 8th floor, escape unscathed, became a doctor so many years, this is the first time I saw this really a magical little girl.! 8th Floor, daughter of parents without setting perceived fall

Luzhou public Niecheng Gang, Zhao Qing couple in Luzhou City West, 8th Floor, Building 1, a real estate buying a house. Has not yet submitted the day before the last Moncler Down Jacket day falls on New Year's Day holiday, Nie Chenggang couple decided to go to the next room. Qukan Fang together before, except Niecheng Gang couple and daughter Allison, the other day there Allison grandmother Li Xiang Ying 16:40 Xu, four people came to the estate. 5:00 pm, four people eventually came home on the 8th floor of the house. Cry scene, this staged. After visiting the balcony, three adults back to the house, and Allison, were left on the balcony. A few minutes later, Zhao Qing between mother suddenly awakened: Allison it? And turned around and found that Allison has been omitted recovered Niecheng Gang father rushed to the balcony, and found, Allison has been lying on the bottom floor mud. 24 m altitude fall girl unscathed

couple shocked below, flew all the way to the ground floor. Allison lying on the ground, then pale blue. Subsequently, Lu Fuyuan ambulances rushed to the scene, the little girl was rushed to the hospital quickly. Fortunately, after surgery expert Lu Fuyuan child checks, the little girl does not have any injuries, but also Moncler Down Jackets did not find any internal bleeding children bear farming surgeon told reporters, from the current situation, the girl did not appear in any of the development of scars. Body and no signs of bleeding occur. In addition, from the head, abdomen, abdomen CT scan of view, also found no fracture phenomena. The hospital is being carried out on the girl hemoglobin check, check if the hemoglobin is still normal, it can basically determined little girl no danger present, the girl needs to stay in hospital for observation.

An interview with reporters, bear farming also repeatedly amazed by it, When the doctor so many years, from 24 meters altitude landing, and ultimately unscathed. This is the first time I saw, this is really a miracle! Child unscathed in the end is the Editor?

A 2-year-old girl, fell down from the 8th floor, and ultimately unscathed, what causes this miracle? An interview with reporters, Allison grandfather Zhao uncle were analyzed. First, that the landing point. Landing point is soft mud, which to a certain extent, ease the power addition, Allison was dressed relatively thick, outside or down jacket, down jacket also can alleviate some momentum. Finally, Allison the ground, not the head Moncler Down of the ground, but the side of the ground. precisely this happens for several reasons conspire together, and ultimately this miracle happen.

In addition, children bear farming surgeon also from the children's body tissue analysis, Allison was two years old, various body tissues are relatively soft. If you replace an adult, this miracle, presumably should not happen. Currently , Allison physical condition is stable, but for safety reasons, need to continue to stay in hospital for observation and treatment. Zhang Down Coat Moncler Yao handle photo coverage